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  • The mother of all safari parks
  • Famous for the two million-strong Great Migration
  • The highest concentration of predators in Africa
  • The best wildlife experience in the world?
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The Serengeti is the mother of all safari parks. Stomping ground of the Great Migration and home to the highest concentration of predators in Africa, the Serengeti is the most famous game-viewing park in Africa.

Stomping ground of the 2 million strong Great Migration and home to the highest concentration of predators in Africa, Serengeti National Park is one of those rare places that exceeds your imagination.

The Serengeti is the Africa that we all have in our minds – endless grass plains stretching as far as the horizon, punctuated only by the odd flat-topped acacia tree.

The concentration of game here is truly phenomenal. This is Big Five game viewing territory, in an authentic environment with no fences and little interruption from man – the huge herds following ancient migration routes embedded in their genes.

However, the Serengeti is far more than just a Great Migration park. There is a very good argument that, even if you took the great herds out of the Serengeti, you would still have the finest safari park in Africa.

The Serengeti’s immense natural beauty has its drawbacks, with certain times of year and certain areas being honeypots for tourist attention. However, when one part is busy, another is quiet – there is always a part of the Serengeti you can make your own.

A genuine contender for the best wildlife experience in the world.

What you really need to know

The Migration herds are reachable at any time of year. With careful and up-to-date information from guides on the ground, we can get you among the animals whatever the season.

The myth that the herds disappear into Kenya’s Maasai Mara from August through to October is exactly that, a myth. The northern Serengeti is phenomenally good at this time of year. If you focus your stay in the Kogatende/Lamai Wedge area, river crossings are pretty much guaranteed throughout this whole period. If you are visiting the park for just a three-night stay, it is definitely best to focus your efforts on locating the herds and the Serengeti’s mobile camps are perfect for this. However, the Serengeti is so big, and so incredibly good, that many travellers split their stay between two destinations while visiting the park.


Game driving, walking safari and fly camping (in specific areas only). No night safari apart from in the private reserves outside the park boundaries.

Time of year to travel

There is no best time of year to travel to the Serengeti! Many guides will claim that August through to October is optimum because the herds are crossing Mara River and the area is remote and quiet. Others will recommend travelling in February, for the possibility of your stay coinciding with the Migration’s calving season. However, this time of year also sees the greatest number of predators and off-road driving is possible. In fact, we have sent clients here every month of the year and none have been disappointed. The Serengeti delivers every time.

Top tip

The Serengeti’s mobile camps are certainly the best way to maximise your chances of seeing the Great Migration herds. However, it is worth pointing out that some of the ‘mobile camps’ are far from mobile, moving only once per year! This is really only an issue in June and early July, as well as the November period when the herds do their long-distance migrations in a short period of time.

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