Meet the team at Yellow Zebra. We'd like you to get to know us and our experience.

Our Team

In our opinion it goes without saying that the best advice is born out of personal experience. We believe that simply having experience of a destination is not nearly enough. One trip to Tanzania does not make you an expert – far from it!

We are very proud to say that our ‘Sales’ team is one of the most experienced in the entire industry. Our team is made up of professional guides, camp managers and expert travel advisors (from Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa) as well as three camp managers who have run some of Africa’s finest properties.

Together they have guided safaris across the whole of ‘Safari Africa’ and worked in some of the most famous camps in Africa. It is this experience that makes the difference – you are dealing with genuine experts at Yellow Zebra.

When you have finished designing your trip, ‘Operations’ then takes over. Our Operations team is in control of ensuring your trip goes flawlessly whilst you are on the ground in Africa. Their work is meticulous and is as important a role, if not more so, than designing the safari in the first place.

Abi was our first member of Operations. She is an ex-Botswana safari guide who has also run the famous Abu Camp, Ralph Bousfield’s Jack’s Camp and San Camp, as well as Richard Bonham’s phenomenal ol Donyo. Her attention to detail and experience on the ground are vital to Operations as a whole.

Today Susan and Catherine are in charge of our Operations team. Susan was one of the founding members of Bales Worldwide (which sold to Richard Branson’s Virgin), whilst Catherine has worked for ‘Operation Hunger’ in South Africa, ‘Good Hope’ in Kilimanjaro and the ‘Upendo Artist Association Children’s Home’ in Tanzania. Their extensive knowledge and experience coupled with Abi’s familiarity with logistics on the ground, guarantees our clients are well looked after from start to finish.