Share the experience of a lifetime with others on a small group safari

Group Safari Tours & Holidays

When our clients return from their group safari tour they often comment on how social the experience was. Not only are you often teamed up with other travellers to share vehicles on game drives, but many lodges also offer communal dining.

The reality is that unless you specifically request a private vehicle, group safaris can be one of the most sociable holidays you will ever take! So why not do it with your friends and family, and make up a small group?

There are a number of different group holiday safaris we operate across Africa.

1) Small Group Holidays - These are tailor-made safaris for small groups. Group sizes are usually between 3 and 8.

2) Prearranged Top Guide Safari - You join a prearranged safari led by a famous guide. Open to single travellers upwards.

3) Private Guide Group Safari - Group size from 3 upwards.

4) Private Lodge Safari - Taking exclusive use of an entire lodge

Small Group Safari

Our small group holidays can be some of the most affordable trips we operate. If groups are small enough to fit into one safari vehicle, then there are parts of Africa where this becomes incredibly economical due to the fact that the cost of your vehicle and guide is being split between the number of people travelling. The best destinations for this kind of group safari are Tanzania’s northern parks of Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Botswana’s mobile trips across the Okavango, Chobe and Savute, Namibia as a whole and much of South Africa.

Prearranged Top Guide Safari

A number of Africa’s finest guides and best companies have set-date departures which are open to the public. These are one of the best kinds of safari for single travellers, and are also great for small groups who like to join a more sociable style of safari – you are with the group for the entire holiday. These safaris are common across Africa and are often a superb way of getting some of Africa’s finest guides at much more affordable prices than hiring the guide exclusively.

Privately Guided, Private Group Safari Holidays

For groups wishing to hire a private guide, either because they prefer a guide to look after their every move whilst in Africa, or because they want to split the cost of a top guide amongst all the travellers, then this type of group holiday is superb. Some of Africa’s private guides cost a couple of thousand dollars a day. Splitting this cost is a much more affordable way of travelling.

Private Lodge Safari

Many travellers do not realise the size of the camps we use. Some are as small as three rooms, so it is possible to take over an entire camp. This is ideal for families or large groups as it ensures the ultimate levels of privacy and exclusivity. We've included a list of our Top 10 exclusive-use properties, as we reckon that, with an array of superb facilities and an army of chefs, private guides, and housekeepers at your disposal, you’ll soon find there is no better way to travel en masse.

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