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Zambia is the adventure capital of Africa; a destination home to some of the finest guides.

Zambia Safari Holidays

Famous for its exceptionally high standards of guiding and simple yet very high-quality camps, Zambia offers great-value safari holidays that is off the mainstream circuit. A competitor to Zimbabwe for the title of ‘adventure capital’ of Africa.

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Zambia is also often referred to as the best holiday destination in Africa for walking safari, with Luangwa Valley, in particular, home to some of Africa’s finest walking operations. Zambia’s best safari destinations are Luangwa Valley, including North and South Luangwa, the scenically stunning Lower Zambezi and the vast wilderness of Kafue. However, there are also a number of lesser-known parks visited by very few travellers.

Much of Zambia’s high reputation is due to the fact that its safari industry is relatively non-commercial. It has the highest percentage of family-run lodges and safari operators in Africa. However, its safari holiday industry has developed over the last few years, leading to a great improvement in the quality of its safari camps. This once connoisseurs-only destination is now appealing equally to first-timers.

In addition, Zambia offers a key ingredient to a safari purist’s heart – night safari, which is a major reason for the country’s incredibly high number of leopard sightings. Luangwa Valley is especially strong on these wonderful cats. However, Zambia has one major attraction apart from safaris. Victoria Falls is Africa’s most famous tourist attraction and well worth a visit.

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