Okavango Delta Safari Holidays

  • One of Africa’s most famous wildlife areas
  • Annual floods bring the Delta to life
  • Superb concentrations of big game
  • Home to Africa's most famous camps
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Botswana’s Okavango Delta is one of Africa’s most famous wildlife areas. This phenomenal park is an area of outstanding natural beauty that is home to some of the continent's most famous camps and superb concentrations of big game.

Home to Africa’s finest private parks, including the predator-rich Moremi Game Reserve, the Delta offers the widest diversity of safari activities, as well as the most exclusive safari experience on the continent.

The Okavango’s flood waters come from the highlands in Angola, with the main deluge hitting the north-west of the Delta usually in April and transforming this dry landscape into a wetland paradise full of Africa’s Big Game.

The Okavango’s immense game volumes, as well as the region’s sheer beauty, make it easy to understand why the Delta is considered one of Africa’s top travel destinations.

The game really does move about! Itineraries to Botswana require careful design by knowledgeable consultants. Game volumes in this region differ throughout the year, and accommodation that appeals to you may well be in the wrong area for the time of your trip.

We recommend also that clients book more than one Okavango camp. The Delta is vast and the habitat is varied – as a result, limiting your stay to only one Delta camp will restrict your overall experience. We reckon that game viewing in Botswana at any time of year will rival game viewing anywhere else! The Delta really is that good.

Everything! Game driving at day and at night, walking safari, fishing, boating, mokoro and adventurous fly camping (in specific areas only).

July through to October is Botswana’s winter and historically the finest time of year to be in the Okavango. At the beginning of this period, migrational game moves from areas outside the Okavango, focussing on the flood water and good grazing to be found in the Delta proper. As a result, the game viewing is absolutely outstanding, comparable in quality to anywhere else in Africa in its peak game-viewing season. October then sees the highest temperatures and a noticeable rise in humidity before the first good rains break in November and December. As soon as these rains set in, the game migrates out of the Okavango to areas of better grazing – the Pans and Kalahari in particular. The most rain falls in the first three months of the year, and is often viewed as the time to stay away. However resident game in the Okavango is superb, and travel in this period can still be very rewarding if an itinerary is designed well. April and May then sees the mega herds starting to return into the Okavango, with June being the first month when the majority of the herds are in the Delta - a secret time to travel!

Combine a wet area with a dry area. In summary, it is important to move camps whilst staying in the Okavango. There are some seriously good dry camps which offer a completely different experience to the wet camps. Combining the two different styles will really make your trip. And if Botswana’s high prices scare you, then travel in April, May or November – certain camps still offer ridiculously good game-viewing and are much better value.

Okavango Delta

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