Vumbura Plains Camp

  • Located in the fabulous Vumbura concession in the northern Okavango Delta
  • One of Africa's most luxurious safari camps
  • Two camps, each with seven large suites with private plunge pools
  • Excellent game viewing and boating safari throughout the year
  • Expensive but superb!

Vumbura Plains Camp is the flagship of the concession and one of Africa’s most luxurious safari camps. It’s also one of Africa’s most expensive properties.

Seriously, what a camp! Vumbura Plains Camp is expensive, but this reserve is genuinely superb at any time of year and the camp boasts a number of hidden advantages over Little Vumbura. If value comes into the equation, Little Vumbura wins, but if you can afford the Plains, we’ll happily argue its advantages!

Vumbura Plains Camp is located within the excellent Vumbura Concession in the northern Okavango Delta, regarded widely as one of Africa’s finest private reserves.

Designed by Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, who designed North Island in the Seychelles, the camp is split into North Camp and South Camp, each with seven exceptional suites complete with private plunge pools and vast private rooms.

Vumbura Plains’ sister camp, Little Vumbura, is the camp that really put the Vumbura Concession on the map – Vumbura Plains Camp was built on its little sister’s reputation! The owners decided to design the camp to cater for the highest end of the market, meaning that this camp is particularly pricy. However, what Vumbura Plains Camp offers in abundance is privacy. The private suites offer secluded areas for relaxing or entertaining, so guests can escape into a room with a part of the Okavango all to themselves. 

The Vumbura Concession offers consistent game viewing throughout the year, with peak season described as July to October. In our experience, travelling to this camp (and this reserve) at any time of year guarantees very good game viewing. Also, Vumbura Plains is one of the few Delta camps to offer boating safari all year round. There are few camps in the Delta that boast such reliable game viewing as well as great water activities from January through to December. The camp offers night safari all year round, with night drives unaffected by water – this is missed frequently by clients when they book Little Vumbura!

"Split into North and South camps, Vumbura Plains is one of the few places in the Delta to offer wet and dry game viewing at any time of year. Supremely expensive but seriously comfortable, stunning rooms, superb service and great main areas see Vumbura Plains as one of Botswana’s top camps."