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Mokoro Canoe Safari

  • Mokoro - A dug-out canoe safari
  • A must for any trip to Botswana
  • Explore the wildlife & waterways of the Delta
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Botswana’s mokoro safari is one of the most popular activities in Africa. It is an exceptional way of viewing one of the continent's most picturesque parts.

The Okavango Delta is the only place in Africa to offer mokoro safari – a dug-out canoe safari led by your private guide. A mokoro ride is about enjoying the peacefulness and sheer beauty of the Okavango. Your guide will introduce you to the finer details of the Okavango, such as how the Delta works and how it provides food and water for one of the largest concentrations of wildlife on the planet.

Big game is not nearly as common on a mokoro trip, but the experience is an absolute must. What better way to view this waterworld of lily-scattered floodplains and palm-fringed islands than by canoe?

Mokoro, Okavango

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