Jacana Camp

  • Set on its own island overlooking seasonal floodplains
  • One of Botswana’s most intimate safari camps, with a slight beach resort feel
  • The rooms are simple yet beautifully designed
  • Great water camp for boating and mokoro safaris

Jacana Camp is located in the Jao Reserve, a private reserve that’s one of the most naturally beautiful parts of the entire Delta.

This is a truly stunning little camp that offers some of the best water activities in the country. Nevertheless, we caution against staying here from May onwards if big game viewing is your priority – the flood waters limit movement and access to dry game-driving areas severely.

Jacana Camp sits on its own island in the Okavango Delta and may be one of Botswana’s most intimate safari camps. 

All the rooms overlook seasonal floodplains. Their simple yet elegant design encourages guests to appreciate the natural beauty of the camp’s surroundings.

A fairly recent upgrade to Jacana raised the quality of the camp to a level that competes with all the other camps in its price bracket. Before this upgrade, we rarely used Jacana, for the simple reason that game driving is all but impossible in the peak-season flood months of May through to September, as Jacana has so much water in its vicinity. This made the high prices of the camp seem bad value for such limited activities.

Even with the upgrade, the main reason we avoided Jacana remains today – this camp is a poor choice for game viewing once the flood has set in. However, there’s no denying that Jacana is one of the Delta’s most beautiful camps, and one that offers probably the best boating experience in the entire Delta. The question is, do you have the time and the money to afford a couple of nights here at the sacrifice of seeing very little of Botswana’s big game?

Peak flood season, from May through to September, sees the entire camp surrounded by vast floodplains with nothing but water in sight. The focus at this time of year is on boating activities rather than land-based game driving. Combining Jacana with a land-based ‘dry’ camp is essential throughout this period.

Jacana is something of a rarity for the remainder of the year, in that it offers dry land-based safari as well as water activities when other camps have no access to water.

"I’ve always loved this little camp. Sitting on its own private island that becomes completely surrounded by flood waters in season, Jacana is quintessential Okavango Delta. Small, personal, beautiful…an absolutely stunning camp."