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  • Namibia’s most iconic region
  • Sand dunes rise as high as sky scrapers
  • Heart of the Namib Desert, the oldest on earth
  • A must see attraction in Namibia’s land of sand
When To Visit Sossusvlei:
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Namibia’s most iconic region, Sossusvlei draws in photographers and adventurers alike to climb the sand dunes that rise as high as skyscrapers.

When people think of Namibia, Sossusvlei is the place they imagine first. Huge orange sand dunes as tall as skyscrapers dominate the landscape, providing the perfect backdrop for stunning photography. There is little game in Sossusvlei, but what animals there are here, combine with the unique landscape to make Sossusvlei one of the most popular destinations in the country. It is a wonderfully dramatic part of Africa.

We include Sossusvlei on the majority of our Namibia itineraries, due to the ease of accessibility, and the sheer beauty of the scenery. However, we usually recommend that clients should stay here for only two to three nights. The reason for the short stay is that Sossusvlei is so popular – it is one of the busiest parts of the country. Nevertheless, there are private reserves within the nearby NamiBrand Nature Reserve, offering an exclusive environment from which to soak up the scenery and explore smaller dunefields. There is a good argument for visiting both areas to minimise the effect of the Sossusvlei crowds.

Where is the Sossusvlei located in Namibia?

The Sossusvlei region is located in the south-west of Namibia, and forms a small part of Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. The Sossuslvei pan, one of the most popular destinations in Namibia, is a salt and clay pan surrounded by the red dunes of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Within the region, there is also Dead Vlei, another popular highlight that is easily combined together.

Things to do

Sossusvlei offers both game driving at day and night as well as walking safari. There are also a number of other activities offered in the area, such as ballooning, horse riding and quad biking. These activities are only available at certain camps.

Best Time to Visit

Namibia is a stunning destination for much of the year. However, the extreme heat that hits the country around mid November should not be taken lightly. This heat remains until the rains break, and the country remains ‘questionable’ for travellers until mid March when the rains dry up and the country comes to life.

Top tip

The flight from Sossusvlei up to Swakopmund is one of the finest flights anywhere in the world. We therefore believe that, if it can be afforded, the best way to visit the area is to fly to Sossusvlei rather than to drive.

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