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Little Kulala

  • Located in the private Kulala concession
  • Fantastic views of the desert and Sossusvlei
  • 11 luxurious suites with own deck and plunge pool
  • Walking, game drives and trips up the dunes
When To Visit Sossusvlei:

Little Kulala overlooks a waterhole visited by animals such as gemsbok, jackal, aardwolf, and ostrich. Not only is it the most luxurious camp in Sossusvlei, but also the most expensive.


Little Kulala is located in the private Kulala concession. The concession has the only private entrance into Sossusvlei so its guests have the advantage of avoiding the crowds that enter through the park's main entrance. This lodge has all the comforts you should expect from the price, as well as the best location in Sossuslvei.


Little Kulala is located in the Sossusvlei area of Namibia, right by the entrance to Sossusvlei’s famous ‘dune alley’.


The rooms here are ultra-luxurious, with each luxury suite having its own plunge pool, large decking area and rooftop sleeping area. They all have fantastic views of the desert and Sossusvlei beyond. The main lodge is rustic with a thatched roof, gnarled wooden beams and open sides. There is a lounge, library, inside and outside dining areas, and a shaded swimming pool.


Activities include trips into Sossusvlei and up the huge dunes. The private concession also offers game drives as well as a number of superb walking areas. However, travellers should be reminded that this is far from a big game area, so drives tend to be about the minutiae as opposed to Africa’s big game.


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