Hot air ballooning offers a unique perspective and some first-rate photo opportunities!

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

There are few experiences that match watching herds of wildebeest or zebra from a hot air balloon as the sun rises.

This extraordinary adventure offers a unique perspective and some first-rate photo opportunities! As memorable as the game viewing is, it is the liberating sense of space that characterises ballooning over the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania.

You will notice wildlife trails made by generations of animals, impossible to see from the ground. The balloon’s altitude will vary from almost ground level to over 1,000ft, offering various perspectives throughout the flight. The pilots know the area well and are committed conservationists. After your hour’s flight, you can reflect and enjoy a delicious champagne breakfast in the bush!

Another excellent location for ballooning is the Sossusvlei area of south-west Namibia. Here the experience is less about wildlife viewing – although you may well spot oryx, springbok and ostrich – and more about appreciating the incredible desert scenery. Little can prepare you for the stark contrasts between the towering golden dunes and the vivid cobalt sky! A journey high in the sky affords a unique opportunity to discover the ethereal beauty of this most photogenic of landscapes.