We are big fans of Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe at this time of year

Where to go in Africa in May

Our Recommendation for May

May sees East Africa at the peak of its heavy rains. Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania receive their largest rainfall at this time of year, making days unpredictable. In southern Africa, May sees the end of the green season. Visitors start to become interested in the parks in this area, as the bush thins out and animals are attracted back to the permanent sources of water. We are big fans of Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe at this time of year, but May is also a great month to visit Namibia. Beach destinations like Mauritius, the Seychelles, and Mozambique all experience dry days with comfortable temperatures.

South Africa

The trees are continuing to lose their leaves following April’s onset of autumn, further increasing the visibility of wildlife in the main game reserves. Mornings and evenings are cooler, while Cape Town, the Garden Route, and other areas experience mixed weather.


We are huge fans of Botswana at this time of year, as the Okavango is in full flood and the country becomes probably the most beautiful place in Africa at any time of year. The Okavango in full flood is one of Africa’s most beautiful sights. Regarded by those in the know as the ‘secret season’, there is a huge advantage to travelling to Botswana during May – Africa’s most expensive safari destination is still in its low season for rates!


Zimbabwe comes into its own from May to October and May is a good month to avoid the summer crowds. Victoria Falls is also at its peak flow following the rainy season, making May a great month to combine with some time at the Falls.


In Mauritius the winter runs from May until September but this brings with it very pleasant temperatures, making it an ideal time to visit. You can get some rain but this usually comes in the form of light showers.


May is a great month to visit the Seychelles, particularly if you are a keen diver. Water temperatures can reach 29 degrees celsius and visibility is often 30+ metres. 


Namibia is also a fabulous destination in May, as the country is still lush, rain is very rare, and the temperature is pretty much perfect because winter has not yet set in. As with Botswana, the country is in its low season, making for great value.


By April/May, the rain has predominantly stopped in Mozambique and temperatures settle at about 28°C, with the humidity abating. This is the start of the dry season and a great time to head to Mozambique! The water is clear and calm, making for perfect diving weather.

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