June is the turning point, as the rainy months are left behind and Africa enters into the famous ‘dry season’


Our Recommendation for June

June is the turning point, as the rainy months are left behind and Africa enters into the famous ‘dry season’. Game viewing in most parks improves considerably, and all the countries in which we work present a genuine option. Choosing where to travel for the best game starts to become rather difficult! East Africa’s main safari countries still have a slight risk of rain, but Tanzania’s famous parks of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro are superb for game viewing. For Southern Africa, June sees seriously good safari on offer in all the main parks.


Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is a huge attraction at this time of year. The Great Migration is pushing into the western corridor, while the rutting season is going on in earnest. It is certainly a noisy time of year! It is slightly quieter in Tanzania’s northern parks at this time than it is a month later. The south and west of the country are still not in peak season – although trips here are possible, they are not as good as they will be in a month or so.


Most of Botswana is superb throughout June, and the majority of camps are still in their low- or mid-season rates, making Africa’s most expensive safari destination great value for money. The Okavango is in full flood, the entire Delta looks exceptional, and game viewing across the majority of the Delta is very good. The first herds start to fill up the riverfront of Chobe and the Linyanti area, bringing this area into the start of its peak season. As this northern part of the country gets progressively better, the game leaves the Pans, which slowly start to lose their appeal.


June is the start of the peak season for Zimbabwe (June to September) as the dry season brings with it fantastic weather and animals concentrate around waterholes and rivers. In May and June the Victoria Falls are also at their most powerful and the best viewing of this amazing spectacle is from the Zimbabwe side.


With the opening of all the bush camps across the country, Zambia is finally ready for business. Game is starting to head towards the country’s rivers, and the beauty of the Green Season is still evident. There are a number of camps that have low season rates on offer in June, making for exceptionally good value. June is also the time of year that Robin Pope Safaris operates its mind-blowing Liuwa Plains trips.


Mozambique's dry winter season starts in June and the next four months are the peak season for the country. With less wind and weaker currents this is also the perfect time for diving and Whales are often seen from June to October.


June is a lovely month in Mauritius with warm sunny days and cooler evenings. For those looking for high temperatures it may not be the ideal destination.


June is an excellent month to visit the Seychelles with little rain and warm temperatures (temperatures from May to September usually stay between 28 and 30 degrees celcius).

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