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Botswana in December


With high morning humidity tempered by occasional afternoon rains, December offers more moderate temperatures and the attraction of newborn antelope species.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 33°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 19°C
  • Average rainfall = 71mm
  • Average daylight = 13.5 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Botswana in December?

  • There’s fairly high humidity throughout the mornings, declining during the day especially if rain falls
  • We’re in wet season, so temperatures are cooler and there can be showers in late afternoon
  • Temperatures are comfortable when compared with November, for example
  • It’s cool and rainy enough for lots of layers and waterproof clothing
  • Every 4–5 days, and sometimes more frequently, there’s a large thunderstorm

What are the highlights of visiting Botswana in December?

  • There’s generally good availability of properties
  • It’s less expensive than peak season
  • The cooler temperatures can feel refreshing
  • Some herbivores give birth from this month onwards, resulting in great game viewing – look out for newborn antelopes, among them impala and gemsbok
  • A surge in numbers of young animals raises the chances of seeing predators including all the big cats
  • The majority of migratory birds, such as kingfishers, kites, and cuckoos, have returned
  • December is perfect for plant lovers, with an abundance of trees and flowers starting to bloom
  • This is a superb month for photography of young animals and lush landscapes

Any lowlights?

  • A few safari properties might be closed
  • Mornings bring high humidity, so vehicle safaris at this time can feel uncomfortable
  • There are quite a lot of mosquitoes about
  • If heavy rains fall, this can disrupt activities

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