Damaraland Safaris

  • A wild and unique landscape
  • Great density of desert-dwelling game
  • Famous for desert elephant and desert rhino
  • Also, rock art at Twylfontein
When To Visit Damaraland:

Damaraland is a wild and unique landscape that is home to a surprising density of desert-dwelling game. Desert elephant and desert rhino are the main attractions, whilst the occasional lion and leopard can be seen.

Home to Nambia’s desert elephant and the endangered black rhino, Damaraland is one of Nambia’s true highlights. Damaraland is located approximately one hour’s flight north-east from Swakopmund. As with much of Namibia, Damaraland has beautiful scenery, but the underlying lava of this area creates a somewhat bizarre habitat unique to this part of Namibia. The southern part of Damaraland is an area we rarely use, as it is so easily accessible that it tends to get crowded. However, the gallery of rock art at Twyfelfontein deserves a special mention – it could rival the Louvre!

We encourage our clients to travel north, as northern Damaraland has the highest concentration of game and very few people. The further north-east you move, the more you leave the actual desert, and the more vegetation you start to see. Here also, the first concentrations of game start to appear, specifically desert elephant and rhino. Damaraland’s desert rhino and elephant deserve a special mention as they are two of Namibia’s unique game-viewing attractions, regarded by many as the game-viewing highlights of the country.

Damaraland is not a ‘tick-the-box’ Big Game destination. However, it does offer a subtle, sophisticated game-viewing experience. Here, your patience is rewarded by sightings of some of the most unique species left on the continent today.


Damaraland offers game driving at day and night as well as walking safaris. There are also a number of other activities offered in the area, such as ballooning, horse riding and quad biking. These activities are only available at certain camps.


Namibia is a stunning destination for much of the year. However, it gets extremely hot around mid-November and this should not be taken lightly. This heat remains until the rains break, and the country remains ‘questionable’ for travelers until mid-March, when the rains dry up and the country comes to life.


Do not come to Damaraland if you are expecting to tick off the big game. Only come if you are set on viewing the rhino and elephant!


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