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Black Rhino Tracking Safaris in Namibia

  • In Namibia’s Damaraland
  • The largest population of black rhino in Africa
  • Trekking for the endangered black rhino on foot
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The black rhino is one of the planet's most endangered and highly valued animals. Viewing black rhino in the wild is a privilege - one of the most amazing wildlife experiences.

Namibia’s Damaraland is home to the largest population of black rhino in Africa. We take viewing rhino to a new level in Damaraland and track black rhino on foot. Nowhere else on the continent offers this kind of experience with such a rare creature.

There is only one camp that offers the experience – Wilderness Safari's Desert Rhino Camp. This camp is one of our favourite camps in Africa, solely for the unique experience that it offers. However, this camp is not usually suitable for travellers on their first safari. This is a sophisticated safari experience for a safari enthusiast rather than a first-timer. Nevertheless, the experience is so memorable that keen nature-lovers will appreciate what you get here. We cannot speak about this experience highly enough.


Rhino Tracking on Foot

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