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Damaraland Camp

  • Located in a large private reserve in western Namibia
  • 10 tented rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Comfortable camp with a friendly atmosphere
  • The perfect place for viewing desert elephant
  • Activities include 4x4 trips and some wonderful walking
When To Visit Damaraland:
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"This lodge is the result of a joint partnership between the Torra Conservancy and Wilderness Safaris, and has been a great success. It allows guests to explore the region as well as learn more about the local community."


Not only is it extremely comfortable, but its location in the private reserve is a huge selling point as it means you can escape from what is actually a fairly busy area, as the main roads outside the reserve make Damaraland an easy destination for self-drive clients. If you want to see desert elephant, this is the place to come!


Damaraland Camp is the most luxurious of the camps in Damaraland


Situated half way up one side of the Huab River Valley, Damaraland Camp has wonderful views of the desert plains and the Huab River Valley. Its 10 tented rooms are made of adobe and thatch and each have an ensuite bathroom. They have large wooden viewing decks where guests can sit and enjoy the view. The camp also has a lovely dining area and a swimming pool.


  • Clients come to Damaraland Camp primarily to view the area's desert elephant. Due to the fact that the camp is located in a private reserve, the viewing here is exceptional – in our view there is no better place to view desert elephant.
  • Game drives for the desert elephant are complemented by a fantastic walking area, as well as trips to nearby Twyfelfontein, home to one of the largest collections of rock art in the world.
  • The desert is dry and unforgiving, so the wildlife is limited to species that have managed to adapt to its harsh conditions. The best known of these is the endangered desert elephant. Black rhino, gemsbok, springbok, kudu and ostrich can also be seen and, very occasionally, lions and cheetahs.

*This property is unfenced and located in a wildlife area, so large and potentially dangerous animals do pass through. If you opt to stay here, always be alert when walking around the camp and request for a member of staff to escort you if you have any concerns. Any guest is escorted after dark as a matter of course


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