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Leila Leopard

“Shani” again, kids – hello there! I’m Leila, a lady leopard from Zambia. I met Zeb Zebra and Oki Oxpecker while they were on safari in Zambia, and they asked me to show them around the country. It was wild!

To learn a bit more about me and other leopards, have a read through the Five Fun Facts below. After that there’s a puzzle, and also a colouring sheet showing Zeb, Oki, and me on a wild walking safari!

Fun facts about Leila and leopards:

  • Leila is an African leopard. Her family lives all over the continent! Other species of leopard are also named for the place where they are found, including Arabia, India, and Persia.
  • All types of leopard have spots, sometimes called rosettes. These help leopards to hunt, as the colours and patterns blend into the plains and trees. However, a leopard may be black all over and known as a black panther. Black jaguars are called black panthers too!
  • Leopards are mostly nocturnal, meaning that they are active at night. During the day they rest, often in trees. They are very strong tree climbers and are even able to drag the animals they have killed quite high up into trees!
  • Leopards are carnivores, meat eaters, and they hunt a wide range of mammals, from antelopes to squirrels. This means that they can live in the same areas as other predators yet still find enough food!
  • Female leopard usually have from two to four cubs, and the youngsters start to follow their mum on hunts from just three months old! Leila is already teaching her young children how to stalk and kill.

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