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Best Time to Visit Tanzania

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Best Time to Visit Tanzania


January sees the beginning of Tanzania’s short dry season, though rains remain in some places – and wildlife highlights include the start of the Great Migration calving season on the Serengeti’s short-grass plains.

What's the weather going to be like in Tanzania in January?

  • Days tend to be dry, but there’s a chance of rain in the afternoon
  • Temperatures and humidity are rising – and on the coast it’s consistently around 30 degrees, so a great time for some winter sun
  • As there’s a possibility of short afternoon showers, it’s worth bringing a waterproof
  • Western parks such as Gombe, Mahale, and Katavi are likely to have rain for continuous days

What are the highlights of visiting Tanzania in January?

  • There’s high availability of properties in most areas of Tanzania
  • Rates are low and there are fewer tourists around – the southern parks are particularly quiet
  • The general standard of safari is excellent at this time of year
  • Late January is the start of the calving season, so you can expect to see lots of baby antelope, zebra, and wildebeest, especially in the south-east of the Serengeti where the Great Migration herds are based this month
  • This is also a great time to view predator action, as lion and cheetah come to prey on the newborns
  • Thousands of migratory birds arrive in January
  • The landscape is beautifully fresh and green
  • It’s a fantastic time for wildlife photography, including all the newborns

Any lowlights?

  • The Ndutu Plains can be busy at this time of year, so availability at properties in the region is low
  • The humidity can be very high in January
  • Wildlife can be harder to spot in the southern parks, as the foliage is so thick
  • Lots of water and green foliage tends to attract mosquitoes in the southern parks
  • There is a high chance of rain, but not enough to ruin your safari
  • Katavi is usually flooded at this time of year and therefore inaccessible

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