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Fanjove Island

  • Located just off the coast of Tanzania
  • Idyllic Robinson Crusoe setting
  • 6 eco-bandas
  • Snorkelling, diving, kayaking, relaxing
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"Africa's new private island experience, and a seriously good one at that! Clients looking for opulent luxury should probably head elsewhere, but if adventurous beach properties are your style then this island is nothing short of exceptional."


Fanjove Island is one of Tanzania's most exclusive beach destinations. Surrounded by beautiful, powder-white, sand beaches and the crystal clear water of the Indian Ocean, this island has an enormous lagoon and 11 km of coral reef. It is also amazingly good value, so we highly recommend it to anyone looking for an unspoiled island experience in very beautiful surroundings.


Its' location is absolutely stunning. Fanjove Island is one of the six small islands in the Songo Songo Archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania. Access is by air to the neighbouring island, Songo Songo, and a 30 minute boat transfer.


Fanjove Lodge sits on its own private island. The design of the lodge is simple and everything is eco-friendly, using only locally sourced materials. Guests sleep in six large bandas situated around a headland. They are all solar powered and have ensuite bathrooms with flush toilets and a hot open air shower.


  • Fanjove is very much a place to come to relax, however activities include snorkelling, diving, kayaking and dolphin-watching.
  • Diving is best between October and March when the sea is calm outside the reef.

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