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Though born on a plane travelling from Ghana, Shona spent most of her childhood and formative years in Zimbabwe. Armed with a tent, a quad bike, and a sense of adventure, Shona learned  from a young age the thrill of exploring the African bush.

Shona developed her hobbies by taking advantage of Zimbabwe’s incredible landscape and its position among  its neighbouring countries. She went diving with whale sharks and great whites along the South African and Mozambican coast, completed survival training in Mana Pools, spotted desert-adapted wildlife in Etosha, went swimming and canoeing in the Zambezi, and birdwatched in the Okavango Delta.

Finishing school in Zimbabwe, Shona then moved to Scotland where she read an MA in Philosophy and History of Art. She subsequently gained another MA in Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Following internships at the Financial Times’  How to Spend It magazine and National Geographic Traveller, Shona started her career in travel as a digital marketer at a London-based luxury travel company. From the moment she started at Yellow Zebra Safaris, Shona settled into the company where her background is met with similar stories – a team in which some members were born, others were raised, and all are totally in love with Africa.


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