Finance Manager

Zeti is our Finance Manager, working in-house at Yellow Zebra Safaris.


Zeti started her accountancy career in true Yellow Zebra style, leaving her homeland Malaysia to travel and work between London and Kuala Lumpur.


Driven by a love of anything and everything to do with numbers, Zeti moved to the UK to study Accounting and Finance at Kingston University. After a brief stint working in Kuala Lumpur’s finance district and gaining substantial experience in her field, Zeti once again left Malaysia for London and she has never looked back. As well as getting married and giving birth to three boys, Zeti has travelled extensively – despite her fear of flying!

Outside travel, numbers, and Yellow Zebra, Zeti has a real devotion to cooking. Besides the incredible lunches that she brings into the office, she is constantly trying out new recipes and ingredients.


We travelled as a family to California and went camping in Yosemite National Park. One night the park rangers came to our tent and told us not to come out because there were bears wandering about! What an experience we had – safe to say, none of us slept that night because we were scared that the bears might eat us!