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10 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Julian picks his 10 best places to visit in Africa. The Okavango, the Serengeti, Luangwa...he describes it as a 'somewhat impossible task' to narrow down the best of 'Safari Africa' to a top ten hit list, but a great starting point nonetheless.

I've always found picking a 'Top 10' African parks a somewhat impossible task. There is just so much on offer across the continent, so many incredible places to choose from. A guide like this however is the kind of article I'd find useful if I was starting to research a trip I hope you find a few ideas to trigger your imagination.

The key though is to pick up the phone and have a chat with our team. They'll talk you through where to see the Great Migration at the time of year you're looking at travelling, or where to witness the greatest concentration of land predators in Africa. Canoe the Zambezi, fly up along Namibia's scenic Skeleton Coast...walk with those Luangwa lions or Mana's old bull elephants. There are some experiences and places in Africa that simply cannot be missed.

Julian's best places to visit in Africa:

"To Yellow Zebra, nothing says adventure like being the first one to try something. The idea that it is new, unseasoned, or completely untried might make you a little apprehensive, but the unfiltered experience that awaits you is what I've always believed travel is all about. It's what we at YZ try and get as close to as possible. With luxury and adventure at the core of what we do here at YZ, we jump at the chance to plan a safari that is a little different."

3. The Zambezi River Valley, Zambia & Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River Valley is probably my favourite place to be on safari. Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools and Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park lie either side of the Zambezi River itself; a remarkable area that offers Africa’s best elephant viewing, superb leopard (Lower Zam), and excellent wild dog (Mana). Activities include boating, canoeing, day and night game drives, walking…such a great place.

If you are interested in including one of these experiences in your safari to Africa, just let one of our experts know here and they can help you plan your adventure today.

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