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10 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Read our handy guide on the 10 best experiences and places to visit in Africa that have been carefully selected to provide the best that Safari Africa has to offer:

Whether you are looking to witness the Great Migration, career down the Zambezi River, or walk along Namibia's scenic Skeleton Coast, there are some experiences and places in Africa that cannot be missed. The best African safari destinations are jam-packed with some fantastic adventures and these experiences are made even better when you throw in some exclusivity and a bit of luxury.

Julian's best places to visit in Africa:

"To Yellow Zebra, nothing says adventure like being the first one to try something. The idea that it is new, unseasoned, or completely untried might make you a little apprehensive, but the unfiltered experience that awaits you is beyond imagination! With luxury and adventure at the core of what we do here at YZ, we jump at the chance to plan a safari that is a little different."
Julian Co-founder of YZ

1. Okavango Delta, Botswana

I’ve always described the Okavango Delta, especially at the peak of its flood, as a little piece of paradise. The lily scattered floodplains and palm-fringed islands of the Delta create an eco-system that’s literally stacked with big game. The Okavango offers the most exclusive safari experience on the continent along with some of the very best camps. High prices for sure, but the reward is undeniable.

2. The Serengeti, Tanzania

Stomping ground of the Great Migration and home to the highest concentration of predators anywhere in Africa, the Serengeti is the mother of all safari parks. Visit for the famous crossings from July to October or travel during calving season and you’ll find literally millions of animals roaming over endless plains under endless skies. The Serengeti is one of those rare places that exceeds your expectations.

3. The Zambezi River Valley, Zambia & Zimbabwe

The Zambezi River Valley is probably my favourite place to be on safari. Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools and Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park lie either side of the Zambezi River itself; a remarkable area that offers Africa’s best elephant viewing, superb leopard (Lower Zam), and excellent wild dog (Mana). Activities include boating, canoeing, day and night game drives, walking…such a great place.

4. The Skeleton Coast, Namibia

There is simply nowhere else like Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Sand dunes as tall as skyscrapers trap seal colonies and shipwrecks against the raging Atlantic Ocean. Brown hyena roam the beaches here, lions and elephants live further into the dunes. It is a magical, mind-blowing area that’s utterly stunning from the air. Flying up the coast here will live long in my memory.

5. Mountain gorillas, Rwanda

Rwanda and Uganda are home to some of the last mountain gorilla’s on the planet. Visiting a gorilla family, sitting within the troop under the eyes of a massive silverback, is an experience like no other. Rwanda vs Uganda is always a hard choice, but Rwanda has the best camps and is also developing high-quality chimpanzee viewing. A tough decision, Rwanda shades it for me.

6. The Sabi Sands, South Africa

South Africa’s Sabi Sands has both fantastic game viewing and an unparalleled level of luxurious accommodation. It is an exceptional destination for 'Big Five' safari - without any doubt one of the best on the entire continent – as well as the home of the finest hospitality camps anywhere in Africa. For up-close photography of the big cats, this place takes some beating.

7. The Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

The Mahale Mountains epitomises high-quality adventurous travel. Remote, untouched, across the border from the Congo, Zoe’s Camp ‘Greystoke’ is home to the very best chimpanzee viewing in Africa. Mahale is a place I’ve actually never gone to; I’ve saved a few places for special trips. I’ve sold Greystoke for twenty years though; everyone who goes here is simply blown away. One of Africa’s most exciting camps.

8. The Seychelles

Over one hundred islands spread out across the heart of the Indian Ocean; there are many places in the Seychelles that are truly perfect. Few places conjure up such amazing images of tropical islands, perfect beaches, and untouched coral reefs…for you to arrive and find the best beaches you’ve ever seen. It is everything you hope for and more. My own honeymoon destination!

9. Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Home of the walking safari and one of the very best parks for leopard, I’ve always loved the Luangwa for its raw, ‘real’ approach to safari. The style and value of its small owner-run camps are also a major reason to visit. The likes of the Shenton’s and John Coppinger’s Remote Africa epitomise the Luangwa, whilst companies such as Norman Carr and Robin Pope do an incredible job.

10. Odzala, Congo

Congo; a place off most people’s travel lists. However, not many people realise there are two Congo’s…one significantly safer than the other! Tucked away in the northern reaches of the French Republic of the Congo is Odzala. Home to forest elephant and lowland gorilla, Odzala is special, a destination for the adventurous few. On one night walk here we saw four mammals I’d never even heard of. Utterly exceptional.

If you are interested in including one of these experiences in your safari to Africa, just let one of our experts know here and they can help you plan your adventure today.