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10 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Read our handy guide on the 10 best experiences and places to visit in Africa that have been carefully selected by our African safari experts.

Whether you are looking to witness the Great Migration, career down the Zambezi River or walk along Namibia's scenic Skeleton Coast, there are some experiences and places in Africa that cannot be missed.

The best African safari destinations are jam-packed with some fantastic adventures and these experiences are made even better when you throw in some exclusivity and a bit of luxury. So take a look at our best places to visit in Africa:

"To Yellow Zebra, nothing says adventure like being the first one to try something. The idea that it is new, unseasoned, or completely untried might make you a little apprehensive, but the unfiltered experience that awaits you is beyond imagination! With luxury and adventure at the core of what we do here at YZ, we jump at the chance to plan a safari that is a little different."