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Lencho Lion

Sawubona! Welkom! Nice to meet you! I’m Lencho the lion and I live in the Rainbow Nation, South Africa. I guided my friends Zeb and Oki all around my country last year.

To learn a bit more about me and lions in general, please enjoy the Five Fun Facts below. There’s also a word search, which I made myself! And there’s a colouring sheet too – this shows Zeb, Oki, and me in the beautiful Cape Winelands.

Fun facts about Lencho and lions:

  • Lencho is a Transvaal lion, one of eight types of lion. You can tell that Lencho is a Transvaal lion because of his massive mane! The word “Transvaal” refers to a region of South Africa, but Transvaal lions also live in Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.
  • All lions are carnivores, which means that they eat meat. They hunt herbivores (plant eaters), such as wildebeest, zebra, and buffalo. The lionesses do most of the hunting, as they are faster than the males. They are good at working as a team to make their kill!
  • Lions are very social! The name for their group is a pride, and each pride contains lots of related lionesses, the lionesses’ mates (males), and all the cubs. They live in grasslands, scrublands, and open woodlands.
  • A lion pregnancy lasts for about four months. The mother gives birth to up to four cubs in a sheltered area, such as a cave or a thicket. When lion cubs are born, they are blind at first, but their eyes open after about a week! Their mother protects them from predators such as leopards, hyenas, and snakes.
  • Most people are aware that lions roar, but they also cough, hiss, miaow, snarl, and even bark! They also communicate by rubbing and licking each other’s heads and necks. Lencho licked Zeb’s head once, and Zeb was terrified!