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Matobo National Park Safaris

  • Over 3,000 sq. km of spectacular Matobo Hills
  • Local caves are chock-full of paintings
  • Resting place of King Mzilikazi and Cecil John Rhodes
  • Great accommodation options
When To Visit Matobo National Park:
When To Visit Matobo National Park:
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Matobo National Park is situated in the south of Zimbabwe, beginning approximately 35 km from the city of Bulawayo. It comprises some 424 sq. km of Matobo Hills, an area of over 3,000 sq. km!

As it incorporates a sizeable chunk of Matobo Hills (over 400 sq. km), it boasts some of the most dramatic scenery in the world – island mountains, castle kopjes and immense single boulders! This is an amazing area for hiking – and visitors who like a little culture can take in the local caves, containing ancient rock paintings. Other places of historical interest include the burial site of Ndebele king Mzilikazi, who chose the park’s name (Matobo means ‘bald heads’!), and the grave of Cecil John Rhodes, at the summit of the hill known as Malindidzimu (‘hill of benevolent spirits’).

Rhino tracking in Matobo

Rhino trekking by foot is the major attraction of this area as they have a large population of black and white rhino. These were introduced into Matobo in two waves, the first from Kwa-Zulu Natal during the 1960s and the second from the Zambezi Valley during the 1990s. Tracking the rhinos is a morning activity, in the company of a very experienced guide. Your guide shows you all the signs – spoors, tracks, droppings – leading to rhino sightings. It is so exciting to follow the clues, while surrounded by a wealth of other wildlife. The guide helps you to spot all sorts of other species and is happy to answer any questions. But the rhinos really are the stars of the show here!

Matobo National Park

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