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Top 10 Lodges for Walking Safaris

Walks allow guest to learn more about the ins and outs of the bush – and although big game is not the focus, there is a chance that you could get up close and personal with a big cat!

A walking safari doesn’t have to be a daring close encounter with lions or an angry rhino – although this can be very exhilarating for those who like that kind of thing! The beauty of exploring the African bush on foot is that you often notice things that you would miss when zooming by in a safari vehicle. Without the distracting noise of an engine, you can really take in the sounds of nature and often, with a skilled guide, get closer to the animals you are observing because they are not alerted to your presence if you stay downwind of them. 

Walking safaris can be an incredible way to explore Africa, and for the best walking in the Safari Africa, check out our Top 10 lodges to enjoy this type of safari:

"There is no better way of exploring the bush than on foot, with the Luangwa being the daddy of all parks for this activity. For example, Mwaleshi, located in the North Luangwa National Park, is a very simple and rustic camp but what makes this camp so special is its remoteness and the fact that it is a pure walking camp. I’d recommend a minimum of four nights at the camp."