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Top 10 Lodges for Canoeing Safaris

Canoeing in Africa will give you a totally different angle on the country than other types of safari. Huge animal concentrations are seen at the water’s edge and what better way of spotting them all than from canoe?

We like to recommend either Botswana's Okavango Delta or the border-forming Zambezi River for an authentic and, to be honest, completely incredible canoeing safari

In the Okavango Delta, canoeing safaris offer a unique perspective on some of the aquatic species and are a signature experience, as you drift peacefully along the shallow waterways in a mokoro or dug-out canoe. On the other hand, the parks and reserves that fringe the Zambezi River, such as the Lower Zambezi (Zambia) and Mana Pools (Zimbabwe), offer an unbeatable experience, where guests cause a splash with elephants, hippos, and so much more! With a strong ‘back-to-the-bush’ atmosphere, this region is an undeniable favourite for experiencing the wilds of Africa. Its big game, including herds of elephant and buffalo, packs of wild dog, and prides of lion, clusters close to the mighty river, so walking and canoeing safaris strongly feature the shoreline for unparalleled encounters. 

Below, we've listed our favourite lodges and camps in these two regions: 

"Spending time on the water in either a canoe or mokoro really is hard to beat! Although you aren't necessarily focusing on big game (you are looking for smaller things such as bird, frogs and insects) it is an incredible way to explore the stunning environment away from the noise of the vehicle. Only available in a select number of parks, it really does offer a unique experience that I would highly recommend!"