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Lake Mburo National Park

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Lake Mburo National Park Safaris

When To Visit Lake Mburo National Park:
When To Visit Lake Mburo National Park:
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Lake Mburo National Park is situated in the Kiruhara District, within Uganda’s Western Region. It is about 240 kilometres from Kampala, positioned fairly close to the highway linking Uganda’s capital city to the country’s parks in the west.

Its nearest major city is Mbarara, which is 30 kilometres east of the park, and due to Lake Mburo’s location, it is a great stop-off attraction for anyone travelling between the two destinations – and it’s an excellent wildlife area in its own right. Covering just 260 square kilometres, it is a small national park; however, sometimes good things do come in small packages, and Lake Mburo N.P. is a case in point. 

The history of Lake Mburo National Park

The park was first gazetted as an area for controlled hunting, in 1933. Subsequently, thirty years later, it acquired new and improved status as a game reserve. Fast forward another twenty years, and it was named a national park. Political turmoil resulted in immense damage to Lake Mburo N.P. and its wildlife in 1985, but some of the area was re-gazetted a year later. 


Since 1986, the wildlife has been in recovery. Without doubt, the park benefits from its impressive range of habitats, capable of supporting an exciting variety of mammal and bird species. Its wetland system yields a reliable source of water, comprising not only Lake Mburo itself but five additional lakes, all connected by a swamp. There is open savanna too, though less than there was in past times because of the absence of elephant from the park. However, this loss has resulted in the growth of woodlands, which are especially lush around the lakes. Other geographical features include rocky kopjes and gorges full of forest. Despite the small size of the park, there is plenty to explore. 

Activities at Lake Mburo

Activities offered by the majority of camps and lodges in Lake Mburo N.P. focus on checking out all the areas that are popular with wildlife. You can enjoy day and night game drives, walking safaris, horseback safaris, boating, and even bicycling for travellers who are keen on keeping fit. Among the mammals you can expect to see here are leopard, buffalo, zebra, eland, impala, jackal, hyena, warthog, and hippo. And the bird count numbers over 300 species, including shoebill, saddle-billed stork, black-bellied bustard, and 22 types of migrants who seek shelter and a little rest here during their arduous flights.

If a stop-off – or longer stay – in this park appeals to you, please take a look at our property pages and contact us to start planning your holiday.

Lake Mburo National Park

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