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Jesse Safari Travel Expert
By Jesse 15 March 2021

The most adventurous safari lodges in Kenya

Do you love exploring new places? Well, we may have the list of properties in Kenya that will tick all your boxes! Tapping into our Kenya experts’ knowledge, we've come up with the most activity-filled camps in the country – take a look here:

Essentially, a safari is whatever you want to make of it, depending on your interests – you might be keen to game view, to be more active, or to enjoy the best of both worlds. In this day and age, there is so much on offer, opening up all sorts of avenues!

The idea of going on safari and making it an experience of a lifetime is what we’re all about at YZ. However, if necessary we can take that a step further and aim for a truly thrilling and adventurous safari, to get the adrenaline going to the max!

Kenya is well known for its range of activities, and they are really offered in an area called Laikipia. This area is made up of a lot of private and community-owned ranches that have set aside vast amounts of their land for conservation. The combination of ranch land and conservation areas offers significant benefits for the environment and has been proven to work as a great conservation model. As the land is private, the activities that are offered are really exclusive and are unique to Laikipia.

What kind of adventure activities can you do at our Kenyan safari lodges?

Rock climbing adventure with Karisia Walking Safaris
Zebras seen on game drive at Offbeat Mara safari lodge

From horse riding to walking safaris, golfing to kayaking, we’ve chosen the camps below based on the activities they offer, as well as their accommodation, their high standards of guiding, and their overall style. All are categorised as adventurous, but don’t be fooled – these properties vary from luxury lodge to authentic tented accommodation.

If you want to discuss the best Kenyan lodge for your budget, activity preferences and adventure appetite with one of our safari experts, you can send us a message or give us a call on our Yellow Zebra contact page.

The 8 best safari lodges for chasing adventure in Kenya

1. Laikipia Wilderness

This camp may be small at heart, but it has everything to offer. Among its activities are white water rafting, walking safaris, fishing, waterfall jumping, wild dog tracking, cultural village visits, sleep-outs, bush meals… the list is endless!

2. Ol Malo

Ol Malo is an amazing place. Owner-run by the Francombes, it’s an awesome destination for travellers who are keen to have a memorable cultural experience, but it also offers helicopter excursions, walking safaris, night drives, camel rides, horse riding, help with farm work, and of course game drives.

3. Saruni Rhino

As the name implies, Saruni Rhino is all about rhinos. It’s the most northern property we offer in Kenya, located in the small community-owned and -run conservancy called Sera. This is the only place in East Africa that offers the opportunity to track black rhino on foot, making it a very exclusive camp-and-experience as a whole!

4. Ekorian's Mugie

Mugie is a smashing little camp. It’s owner-run by Josh and Donna Perrot, who really make it stand out from the crowd – for example, it’s the only camp on this list that offers golf! Other activities include walking safaris, game drives, night drives, bush meals, camel riding, fishing trips, and lion tracking.

5. Karisia Walking Safaris

Karisia offers a very unique experience – a safari on foot with the assistance of camels. Basically, it’s a camel safari. It’s extremely unusual, and for anyone who wants to explore Laikipia there is no other way that comes close!

6. Offbeat Mara

This is one of our go-to camps in the Mara, where Offbeat has executed the authentic-style property to a tee. Comfortable accommodation is brilliantly balanced with the authentic camping style.

7. Sosian

Sosian is a horse rider’s paradise. This is a property where the staff make you feel at home straight away. The activities they have to offer are very good, but the main focus is horse riding with walking safaris and game driving.

8. Manda Bay

This is a fab beach destination. Manda is located on Manda Island in Lamu, a small but lush island that is a small slice of heaven. It’s the perfect place to sit back, relax, and switch off, but you can also hone in on the watersports on offer, such as fishing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, skiing, and many more.


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If you are looking to book a safari adventure to Kenya, please don’t hesitate to contact our Kenya safari experts here. Alternatively, do take a look at our recommended trips below:

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