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Jira Giraffe

“Ola!” Hello again, children. I am Jira, a giraffe from Mozambique. I took my friends Zeb and Oki to my two favourite areas of Mozambique, and we had a great time out at sea!

To learn a bit more about me and other giraffes, please enjoy the Five Fun Facts below! There’s also a word search for you, as well as a colouring sheet showing Zeb, Oki, and I relaxing in the sun at the seaside!

Five Fun Facts about Jira and giraffes:

  • Jira is a South African giraffe. Her family lives in parts of South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and her home, Mozambique. There are four species of giraffe in total and they all have slightly different markings! Their colours differ slightly too.
  • All giraffes have lovely long necks so they can reach the leaves of the tallest trees. They also eat grass, some shrubs, and even fruit!
  • Usually, giraffes live in groups, called “towers”. These mostly consist of all males and all females, “bulls” and “cows”, but there are mixed towers as well! Towers of cows and calves are particularly strong because of the bonds between mothers and children, and between the children too.
  • Giraffe bulls find out whether cows are in season, able to become pregnant, by tasting the cows’ wee! A bull will stand over the wee while curling his top lip back to show his front teeth in a really strange smile!
  • Adult giraffes are good at kicking away their enemies with their powerful legs, but calves are often snatched by leopard, hyena, and wild dog. Giraffes rely on oxpeckers like Oki to warn them of danger, and to take care of their coats too!

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