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Botswana in April


April is a period of transition, moving from the heat and rains of summer to winter’s milder conditions while presenting plenty of wildlife highlights such as migratory birds.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 31°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 17°C
  • Average rainfall = 28mm
  • Average daylight = 11 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Botswana in April?

  • Dry on the whole, pleasant days and cooler evenings
  • We’re between summer and winter, transitioning from heat and rains to milder conditions
  • Temperatures tend to be constant at approximately 30°C – there are very few clouds, so the heat can feel quite persistent
  • Sufficiently varied for us to recommend layered clothing and waterproofs just in case
  • April may be the end of the wet season, but rains prevail in some parts – as rainfall decreases from Botswana’s north-east to the country’s south-east, its variability increases

What are the highlights of visiting Botswana in April?

  • From April onwards, both weather and game viewing improve, so all safari properties are generally open now
  • Rates are lower than during other times of the year
  • As we’re still in green season, there’s less dust about
  • Water holes decline in numbers as the amount of rainfall starts to cease, attracting impressive concentrations of wildlife
  • Newborn zebra and impala can be seen – as can the species that prey on them
  • In many parks, the landscapes remain lush and colourful following the rains
  • Interesting cloud formations and the appearance of sunlight just after thunderstorms provide exciting opportunities for photography

Any lowlights?

  • It might rain, but showers usually take place in the afternoons, so it’s dry for morning safaris
  • The only rivers flowing are the permanent rivers, so parks can dry out elsewhere
  • Game walks and drives can still be tricky if wet
  • Mosquitoes remain with any rain
  • If the rainfall lingers, the wildlife can be harder to find due to greater availability of water sources

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