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Kwando Safaris

Kwando is one of several travel companies whose camps we often include in the itineraries we put together for our clients. It operates in Botswana.

“ Yellow Zebra Safaris understand what Kwando Safaris are all about. Their knowledge of Botswana as a whole and the indepth appreciation of what makes Kwando unique, means they are one of the few companies we can trust to send the right clients to our camps"”

Background information

Kwando has built a circuit of intimate and exclusive camps around northern Botswana, enabling guests to enjoy the best of Botswana's wilderness areas and its wildlife. It even operates two camps in Botswana's desert areas.

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We think Kwando is very good. It is known for being "safari-focused" as opposed to solely "hospitality-focused". It offers adventure and a little bit of luxury – not on the same level as the ultra-luxurious lodges like Singita – but very comfortable nonetheless.

Kwando's camps: