Mwagusi Safari Camp

  • Located in the Mwagusi area of Ruaha National Park
  • Owned and run by Chris Fox, one of East Africa's best-known guides
  • A tented camp that blends into the bush
  • Superb game-viewing, especially lion, cheetah and leopard
  • A rare little gem, one of our favourites!
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Mwagusi Safari Camp is located in the Mwagusi area of Ruaha National Park, southern Tanzania. It is one of the oldest camps in the country and a massive favourite of ours!

Designed with a distinct adventurous flair, Mwagusi is a real rarity of a camp. Seemingly part of the bush, this lodge invites guests as much as it does animals to stay. It is very rare to find a camp so at one with its environment.

The camp lies beside the Mwagusi sand river, and is often frequented by elephants and a range of other game.

Described as rustic and authentic, Mwagusi is much more comfortable than you might expect – the large tents are spacious and well designed, each with its own balcony area and thatch roof.

The main area of camp sits on a bend in the river – a large open thatch structure that has the camp's best views. However, guests rarely spend time here; Mwagusi’s dinners are served under the stars in a range of different locations.

Mwagusi Safari Camp is the home of legendary guide, Chris Fox. Chris was born just outside Ruaha and has been living in the park ever since. Finding a genuine owner-run lodge is a rarity nowadays. The game viewing here is superb – Chris chose the location years ago to be the best area for game. In our experience, it is one of Africa’s finest camps for lion-viewing, as well as a great base for leopard and cheetah.

Chris divides his time between Mwagusi and a conservation project nowadays, however the quality of the camp still shines through – guiding is very good and the food here is some of the best we know of, epitomising the style of the camp.

"The 'Grande Dame' of Ruaha! There are very few properties like Mwagusi anywhere. Built years ago and with a tangible character, you feel like you are at home at Mwagusi. I cannot recommend it highly enough."