Mdonya Old River Camp

  • Located in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park
  • A simple tented camp with 12 rooms
  • Adventurous atmosphere and exceptional game-viewing
  • One of the best-value camps in the country
  • Activities are focused on game drives
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Mdonya Old River Camp is located in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park. As with its sister camp Lake Manze, in the Selous Game Reserve, Mdonya offers some of the best value of all safari camps in the country.

The reality is that if you are looking for luxury or exceptional guiding, then this camp is not for you. But if you want good value, great game-viewing, and like the idea of an adventurous camp, then this place is in our view one of the very best anywhere.

Set up by a couple of lion researchers, Mdonya Old River has always been a favourite of ours and is a simple tented camp located in one of the best game-viewing areas in the country.

With just twelve rooms, Mdonya Old River is an adventurous little camp. Focus here is on the simplicity of safari, with Mdonya Old River reconfirming the fact that a large tent, good bed, flush toilets and a warm shower are all you really need for a good safari.

As with Lake Manze in the Selous, this camp seems to attract game right into camp – elephants are often lurking around camp, whilst we have also had clients experience unbelievable lion-viewing and overall exceptional game-viewing.

We are really rather keen on this camp – the value is just ridiculously good! Agreed, the guiding may not be as good as other camps in the park, but you have to put things in perspective – Ruaha has probably got the best guiding in the entire country.

Activities are focused around daytime game drives.

"Great value, adventurous and doing exactly what it 'says on the tin' means I will always love this camp. An old firm favourite in the office here, but one where a taste for adventure is key!"

Ruaha National Park