• Exclusive use only
  • Superb guiding by one of Africa's finest guides - Andrew Molinareau (Moli)
  • Walking safaris and mobile bush camping
  • Adventurous experience in wild and beautiful Ruaha
  • One of our favourite camps anywhere
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It is one of the finest and most personal safari experiences anywhere in Africa.

Kichaka is much more about the ‘experience’ than it is the comfort and luxury of the actual camp but this is an absolutely superb property for the safari enthusiast and one we would suggest for adventurous first-timers. 

Located in untouched areas on the east side of Ruaha National Park. 

Booked as exclusive use, the base is a comfortable back-to-basics main camp, while a simple mobile walking camp can be used to sleep out in the bush, or as a means of exploring remote parts of the park. 

Run by one of Africa's very best guides, Andrew Molinaro (Moli) and his wife Noelle (who have both run and guided at camps in Ruaha for many years), the focus of Kichaka is on walking safaris and exploring the sheer beauty of this corner of Ruaha. The experience offered at Kichaka is the most exclusive of any camp we work with. It is, in our opinion, one of the best camps anywhere. The camp also offers game drives if clients so wish and the day’s activities are usually designed the night before!

Learn more about Andrew 'Moli' Molinaro and our top five new guides here>>

"If walking safaris are your thing then look no further - Moli and Noelle's Kichaka is nothing short of exceptional. This is quite simply one of the very best walking camps anywhere in Africa."

Ruaha National Park

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