Offbeat Mara

  • Authentic camp close to the Olare Orok River in the Mara North Conservancy
  • Just six comfortable tents – four twins/doubles, two families
  • Mess tent with sitting room, dining room, bar and library area, gift shop
  • Game drives, walking safaris, cultural visits, flights, hot air balloon rides
When To Visit Greater Mara Conservancies:

The high standards of guiding at Offbeat Mara are equalled by excellent service at camp, with impeccable attention to detail. For an authentic safari, this classic camp is a great choice.

Small and traditional in style, the camp is able to offer some excellent authentic experiences. For a classic in this amazing area, it is hard to match Offbeat Mara!

Offbeat Mara is situated near the Olare Orok River, within the 30,000-hectare wildlife haven that is the Mara North Conservancy.

The communal areas of Offbeat Mara are housed inside a large mess tent, effectively two tents constructed out of canvas and wood. In one of these is a sitting room with plenty of comfortable and colourful seating around a central coffee table, in addition to a library and a self-serve bar. The other main tent contains the dining room, pleasantly furnished. Both structures are open fronted and positioned on a large deck, providing lovely views out towards the river. The camp also has a gift shop, where guests can buy local curios, crafts and jewellery.

Offbeat Mara’s guest accommodation consists of six spacious tents – four twins/doubles and two for family use. These are positioned a good distance apart, built from canvas and wood, and benefiting from shade afforded by their position along the treeline. The family tents have two interconnecting bedrooms and a large shared room for flush toilet and bucket shower, while the other options have these features in a smaller en suite. All tents have a charming rustic character. Guests enjoy watching passing game from their private verandas and some tents even have an additional lounge spot a few metres out!

Activities at Offbeat Mara are nothing short of awesome! The camp’s fantastic location makes for some great game drives and walking safaris, led by Maasai guides who have truly expert knowledge of the Conservancy. Not far from camp itself, there is a pride of lions, with many more to see farther into the area! Leopard live here too, in addition to cheetah and wildcats.

Herbivores include elephant, buffalo, gazelle, hartebeest, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, warthog and hippo, while the Conservancy is also home to a great selection of primates – monkeys, bushbabies, baboons. The period from July to October sees the Great Migration, a spectacular sight! There is also the so-called Secret Season of January to March, when the Lolta Plains wildebeest mass to the Conservancy to feast on the short grasses. All the action can be viewed from the air, via scenic flights or hot air balloon rides. And cultural visits are possible too, to the local village, bustling market and guiding school, where some of Offbeat’s own guides gained their qualifications!

The managers recommend the camp for children aged over 8 years and there is a children’s club, Toto Trackers, in which youngsters can learn bush craft and survival techniques. 

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