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South Coast Mauritius Vacations

  • spectacular sea scenery
  • eight beautiful beaches
  • Activities include deep-sea fishing
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When To Visit South Coast:
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Come to the South Coast if you love your beaches really wild! Featuring powerful waves crashing against high cliffs, the seas here, though not recommended for swimming, boast simply breathtaking sights and sounds.

The South Coast of Mauritius is ideal for you if you love spectacular sea scenery! As there are ruptures in the coral reef in the ocean around this coastline, powerful waves are able to ride all the way in to shore. They crash against the rocks and pound the sand, creating some exhilarating sights and noises.

Unsurprisingly, the South Coast is not considered safe for swimming, especially as high cliffs are apt to fall and the currents can be exceptionally forceful. However, the beaches of this area are not without their attractions. In all, there are eight beaches here and we have three top tips – Gris Gris, Bel Ombre, and St Félix.

Gris Gris

Gris Gris is only a few kilometers south-east of Souillac, a village near Mauritius’ southernmost point. The name means something like ‘black magic’ and is inspired by the drama of the waves breaking against the area’s high cliffs. There is even a rock known as ‘Roche qui Pleur’, the rock that cries – here, the continual crashing and splashing sounds like weeping, if you listen for a while! Although it is not possible to swim at Gris Gris, the views are absolutely breathtaking and a small garden nearby provides a serene spot for a picnic.

Bel Ombre

Another South Coast beach we love is situated between Souillac and another village, called Bel Ombre. This beach also boasts mighty waves, rushing in as far as the shore. Again, swimming is not permitted, but keen walkers will enjoy strolling through the shallows to nearby Ilôt Sancho and exploring the island. This activity is not particularly time consuming, as the island is quite small, but the views towards the South Coast really are special!

St Felix

Finally, St Félix is also found between Souillac and Bel Ombre. Famous as the South Coast’s most beautiful beach, this area is in fact two beaches and the eastern beach has slightly better views as well as a more secluded feel. The sands are dazzlingly white and wonderfully soft under foot, while the sea shimmers in all shades of blue and turquoise. Lush tropical foliage yields plenty of shade and various corals dotted along the beach provide a lot of interest! Swimming is prohibited here too, but you can enjoy a speed boat trip and the thrills of deep-sea fishing. Without doubt, St Félix is a must-visit if you are based on the glorious South Coast!

South Coast

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