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Adventure and Activity Safari

Africa offers many distinctive safari experiences, including a full range of spectacular game-viewing options. For those seeking a more adventurous safari, there are various opportunities available that are sure to thrill!

Our top adventures and activities:

1. Mountain biking

3   experimenting with mountain bikes on elephant paths in southern hwange
Quad bikes & Lake William

Imagine the excitement of pedaling along undisturbed dirt tracks with the sun on your back and encountering your first sight of wild animals in their own habitat. Energetic travelers will love exploring Africa by mountain bike, enjoying unique opportunities to connect with the diverse wildlife and local communities, and to experience some of the lesser-known corners of this magnificent continent. Some of the best lodges for mountain biking are: Tafika Camp in the South Luangwa area of Zambia, Ol Donyo Lodge in Kenya’s Chyulu Hills, Gibb’s Farm in the Ngorongoro Crater region of northern Tanzania, and Singita Lebombo Lodge in South Africa’s Central Kruger – all provide pedal power at its best!

2. Quad biking

Desert Spirit experience Quad bikes andBeyond Sossusvlei  Yellow zebra safaris
Quad biking Namib Desert

Quad biking is a particularly exhilarating way in which to explore remote areas, and the bikes actually have less of an impact on the environment than a standard 4 by 4. One of the best destinations for quad biking is the vast lunar expanse of the Makgadigkadi salt pans in Botswana. Jack’s Camp is our top property for the activity and quad biking is available here from June to November. Northwest Namibia is also a must-visit for keen bikers and we recommend staying at Wilderness Serra Cafema. Here, the remote desert scenery provides a dramatic environment, and descending the massive sand dunes gives you a real buzz!

3. Fishing

fishing at dusk
Children shore fishing

Without doubt, one of the best places for fishing in safari Africa is the Zambezi River. Both fly fishing and tiger fishing, the most popular types of freshwater fishing in the world, are possible here. The Lower Zambezi is particularly renowned for providing first-rate freshwater angling, and we recommend taking a fishing trip between September and March. Another great destination for fishing is the north coast of Kenya. Here you can try your hand at catching and releasing such big game fish as kingfish, sailfish, horse mackerel, marlin, and wahoo. Both full- and half-day charters are offered, featuring top-notch boats and some impressive equipment.

4. Helicopters and scenic flights

victoria falls zambia helicopter rainbow yellow zebra safaris
Botswana light aircraft

Some of the most thrilling helicopter rides are available in the north of Kenya. Properties such as Ol Malo and Sirikoi Camp offer this activity and you can ride as far as Lake Turkana, which boasts some truly spectacular scenery. You can also take a scenic flight on the classic Kenyan light aircraft during the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. Richard’s River Camp offers particularly good flights between their Main Camp and Private Camp.

For a unique way to experience spectacular and varied landscapes rich in wildlife, why not try microlighting? This is a wonderful way of seeing safari Africa from the sky! The microlight, a very small type of aircraft, accommodates just you and the pilot on a seat each, with a triangular cloth wing above you and a rotary engine at the back. Flights are offered from Tafika Camp in the South Luangwa area of Zambia as well as from most Victoria Falls properties in the Livingstone region of southern Zambia.

Flying over Africa’s landscapes is such an exhilarating and humbling experience. As the vastness of the plains unfolds beneath you, you will witness a multitude of wildlife, bringing the beauty of the natural landscape to life. Observe the Great Migration from a bird’s-eye view and soak up the energy of the large herds of wildebeest as they plunge through rivers and savannas. Contrast this with the heavy-footed elephants that roam the bush, tracing their way from waterhole to waterhole as the hot sun dries their habitat.

You can also fly low in a light aircraft over the largest inland delta on Earth, Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Flying between camps in this region allows you to truly appreciate its sheer beauty, including its expansive wetlands, lagoons, islands, and dry savannas. Famed for its huge herds of hippos and elephants, it simply must be seen from the air. Many Vic Falls properties also provide scenic flights. From the sky, the sight of ‘The Smoke That Thunders’ is absolutely overwhelming. Look out for Vic Falls National Park too, and see if you can spot lions and a host of herbivores! The sheer power of the Falls is especially in evidence from the air.
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5. Rafting safari

Victoria Falls Activities Rafting
watersports, jinja town, uganda safari holidays

The finest rafting trips in Africa are available in South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, and all provide views of a wealth of wildlife and some breathtaking scenery. South Africa offers some fantastic multi-day floating trips! In Zambia and Zimbabwe, the mighty Zambezi River pumps huge volumes of water daily to form many technical rapids, perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush. If you can take your eyes off the river, you will be rewarded with beautiful scenery and superb opportunities to check out a variety of game. The Bakota Gorge will not fail to impress, with its immense beauty, steep black walls, and soaring eagles. The Zambezi can be rafted during most of the year, but the best time is the low water season, from August to October. Trips range in length, from half-days to multi-day adventures. Camps offering white water rafting are Wilderness Toka Leya CampTongabezi Lodge, and Waterberry Lodge.

6. Camel safari

camels on the beach
camelsafariskarisia 3

Kenya is the country for camel safaris, especially in the more arid northern areas, where the camel is perfectly adapted to the landscape. It is used routinely by the Samburu people. This relatively relaxed experience, journeying through the bush, is led by experienced guides. A few high-quality lodges offer short camel rides lasting a few hours: check out Ol Malo or Lewa Wilderness Lodge; however, longer camel safaris are also available, such as the tried and tested Karisia Walking Safaris, a camel-supported walking safari around the wildlife-rich Laikipia region. Pick from the AirBnC (Air Bed and Camel) or classic-style tents and pack your best walking boots for an epic safari in northern Kenya.

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