Little Mombo Camp

  • On Chief’s Island in the Moremi Game Reserve
  • Winner of numerous safari and hospitality accolades
  • Some of the best game viewing in Africa
  • Very expensive, but we think it’s worth it!
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Little Mombo Camp is located on the north-west tip of Chief’s Island, in the Moremi Game Reserve.

This camp is a smaller version of neighbouring Mombo Camp and is without doubt, one of Africa's Top 3 camps. Together, Mombo Camp and Little Mombo are considered quite rightly Botswana’s flagship properties and among the continent’s finest accommodation. 

Little Mombo Camp is located on the north-west tip of Chief’s Island, in the Moremi Game Reserve. 

There are just three tents at Little Mombo, tucked away under a shady canopy of jackalberry and sausage trees. The camp has its own facilities, including a dining area, boma, kitchen, lounge and pool, while being connected to Mombo Camp via a raised boardwalk.

Botswana’s highest price tag rewards you with what is quite possibly the best game-driving experience of all. Lion are seen on virtually every game drive, leopard are very common… all of the Big Five may pass through here. The only negative aspect of the Mombo camps is that they don’t offer walking safari, boating or night safari. However, in our experience the game viewing here beats anywhere else in the country and arguably in Africa.

What you really need to know is that, even after all this hype, the Mombo camps will live up to your expectations! We don’t know of any client who has not been impressed by the game viewing here. It’s worth mentioning also that the game viewing is consistently good, making Mombo and Little Mombo genuine contenders for best safari camp in Africa throughout the year.

"Small, personal and often taken over by small groups, Little Mombo is located in exactly the same location as Mombo itself. Guaranteeing exceptional game viewing year round sees the Mombo camps as two of Africa’s most famous properties. Seriously expensive!"

Moremi Game Reserve