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Lauren N, Safari Specialist, meet the team

Lauren joins the Yellow Zebra herd fresh from the African bush, where she has worked as a guide, conservationist, and most recently in lodge management. Her expertise lies in Tanzania, but she has also lived in South Africa and Kenya.

A snapshot

Born in the UK, Lauren’s life has always been centred on wildlife, from growing up with horses to working as an animal behaviourist. After completing a Zoology degree, Lauren’s passion for African ecology led her into guiding, where she worked as a guide and ranger in South Africa before moving into lodge management and riding safaris in Kenya.

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Recent Travel Experience

Lauren recently travelled to Tanzania in 2023, where she explored one of safari’s most popular destinations, the Northern Circuit. As well as enjoying the delights of Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, Lauren also experienced the adventurous side of safari in Lake Manyara, where she walked, canoed, and night drove around the park, finishing the days with sundowner drinks and waterfall showers. Lauren also spent time in the Serengeti, where the highlight was an incredible balloon safari, surveying the savanna from the air. Finally Lauren flew to Zanzibar, where she took life a little slower, enjoying the beaches of both the south-east and north-west coast.

Lauren's most memorable experience

“Anyone who has ever been on safari will tell you to expect the unexpected… for me, this has never been truer than on this day!

“It was during my final week working as a guide ranger in South Africa, when, after finishing my game drive, my manager came running over with some exciting news. Two rescued wild dogs were being relocated to our reserve… and my partner and I were to lead the operation!

“After some driving, which could rival a chase scene out of Fast & Furious, we arrived in the nick of time to see the helicopter land. It was then up to us to move the dogs to a shady and safe spot, take ID photos, and lastly coordinate with our vet to do a quick health check before administering the reversal drug.

“Although very groggy, the pair of dogs found their feet and stumbled off into the bush to explore their new home. As a cherry on top, they even crashed our goodbye sundowner drinks later that evening, as if to say thank you. You never know what surprise the bush has in store for you!”

Lauren's Biography

Lauren’s world has always revolved around the great outdoors. She spent many of her childhood weekends with her family exploring her native UK, either from the back of a horse or by bike. Later, Lauren continued to fuel her love of the natural world by undertaking a Zoology degree at Exeter University. At the same time, she pursued every wildlife-related opportunity possible, from helping as a wildlife rehabilitator to working as a zoo-based animal behaviourist. Her first Africa trip to Namibia in 2018 cemented her passion for conservation. Here she worked on human–wildlife conflict mitigation between hyena and local pastoralists in the remote Namib desert.

After being confined to the UK by the coronavirus pandemic, Lauren decided it was time to get back into the field and she undertook her FGASA guiding qualifications in South Africa. Her first job was working as a guide and ranger at a private game reserve just outside the Kruger National Park. Here, she not only enjoyed exceptional game encounters from vehicles and on foot, but she also led relocation operations and veterinary procedures for cheetah, wild dog, lions, and white rhino, resulting in some unforgettable up-close and intimate experiences. Unlike your typical safari, the drives she guided were goal orientated to aid with reserve management, for example finding a specific elephant reported to be limping or recording the gender of newly born lion cubs. As locating individuals was fundamental during these drives, Lauren refined her trailing skills and was awarded her tracker qualifications.

Lauren lived and breathed safari even during her time off from guiding, taking the opportunity to explore South Africa as much as possible, and she has impressively driven every road in the Kruger National Park! She has also travelled down to the Cape region and has explored many reserves of the Greater Kruger.

During her time in South Africa, Lauren met her current partner, and the pair were offered the opportunity to manage Sosian Lodge in Laikipia, Kenya. Here, Lauren was responsible for keeping the back of house running smoothly and also hosting the guests and tailoring their daily activities to their preferences each day. From waterfall jumping to camel trekking, there certainly was no dull moment! Additionally, she trained as a back-up rider for the riding safaris, spending hours galloping across the Laikipian plains and viewing incredible game (this included some slightly adrenaline-pumping elephant encounters!).

Despite loving the bush life, Lauren has now moved back to the UK in order to be closer to her friends and family, and she joins Yellow Zebra to spread her contagious love of Africa to others.

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