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When To Visit Republic Of Congo:
When To Visit Republic Of Congo:
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The DRC lies to its east and south, while the Central African Republic is found to its north-east and Cameroon to its north-west. And to its west is Gabon, and the sparkling Atlantic Ocean!

The Congo has an interesting history, from its Pygmy occupants as early as 1500 BCE to its post-independence era from 1960, almost sixty years ago. Dates considered worthy of note in between these times generally have something to do with the mighty Congo river, an important trade route and the second-largest river in the world!

Three Bantu kingdoms were among the first to establish trade links into the river basin, and Portuguese explorer Diogo Cão sailed as far as the river mouth in 1484. The year 1880 saw the onset of the French colonial period, which included construction of a railroad linking Atlantic port Pointe-Noire and capital city Brazzaville, bypassing the Congo river’s rapids on the way.

Today, YZ has an interest in the River Congo too, because the basin forms part of the setting for Odzala–Kokoua National Park. This area is described as one of Central Africa’s most important strongholds for forest elephant and gorilla conservation! Presently the park contains three safari properties, and having visited them ourselves we are keen to recommend them to other safarists.

Travellers to Odzala–Kokoua National Park usually enter the Congo by flying in to Brazzaville’s Maya-Maya Airport, then transferring to the park via air or road. For further travel information, please read our report on the park and our accommodation pages, or contact YZ to speak with a member of our team.

For the best vacation ideas, browse our handpicked Congo itineraries and Odzala-Kokoua N.P. below or simply arrange a call back today to start planning a trip completely tailored to you.  

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