Angela Hannah


Born and raised in Africa and with well over a decade of experience as an African travel specialist, Angela has extensive knowledge of many popular safari regions spanning Southern and East Africa.


Born in South Africa, Angela spent her younger years between Johannesburg and Namibia’s Windhoek before moving to Cape Town. She started her career at Africa’s top high-end safari operators &Beyond and Wilderness Safaris, and she has perfected her ability to design exceptional tailored journeys at a boutique tour operator in the Cape. We are fortunate to welcome her to the YZ team!


Angela has very recently come to the UK from Cape Town, South Africa. She has travelled extensively from the “Mother City” around the Cape Region and along the Garden Route over the past few years. She visits her family in Namibia often, ensuring she enjoys the country’s spectacular scenery each time and has recently spent Christmas in Namibia. Most recently she drove from Lüderitz on the southern coast to the Kunene river on the northern border, exploring some unusual areas on the way! Angela has travelled through much of Southern and East Africa during her career to date and has recently been to Cape Town in August 2017.


South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and Zanzibar


South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zanzibar.

Quick visits – Kenya (Nairobi), Mozambique (Maputo), Zambia (Livingstone).


Angela was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, into a family of wildlife enthusiasts. From a young age she spent weekends on the family game farm, exploring and learning to love the wilderness. Holidays were spent in Plettenberg Bay (the star of the Garden Route), on safari in Kruger National Park or overlanding through Zimbabwe and Botswana. During her high school years Angela lived in Windhoek, Namibia – and with her family she explored the many landscapes the country contains.

Instilled with a passion for the wilderness and love for the diversity of cultures in Africa, on leaving school Angela studied Travel & Tourism before joining a renowned luxury safari operator in Johannesburg in 2004. After six years Angela felt the need for a change. She spontaneously moved to the beautiful Mother City of Cape Town, where she started planning bespoke safaris, tailored to the individual, at a small safari travel company.

After seven years in the Cape, Angela married her high school sweetheart and relocated to the UK to be with her husband. She joins the team at Yellow Zebra having spent 14 years in the African travel industry and having gained a broad-based knowledge of various regions in Africa and the assortment of lodges and camps available. Angela takes great care to place each client into perfectly matched spaces, to ensure that each traveller’s expectations of the safari experience are exceeded.


I have had many moments in the bush that have evoked a range of emotions – total joy, excitement and often complete awe. Here’s a quick top three, as each evoked a different feeling.

First, there’s the first time I heard a fully grown male lion let rip, really roar from the depths of his belly, right next to our open safari vehicle. The reverberations could be felt as the vehicle shook and the sound rumbled right through my body – so powerful I will never forget it!

Then, there’s having to chase a hyena out of the kitchen at the family farm. The hyena had wandered in on a hot evening to steal scraps from the bin after our evening braai (barbeque) – I was left with jelly legs, to say the least!

But my favourite experiences in the bush have always been with wild dog – NOTHING gets the blood pumping quite like chasing a pack on a hunt. I’ve been lucky to have been able to do so a few times, but the most special experience was chasing a pack in the Savute, Botswana, and our guide stopping the vehicle abruptly – everyone on board looked very confused, as the pack had locked onto an antelope and they were in full pursuit. The guide pointed to the side of where the pack was running… and there, cowering in the long grass, was a leopard. The cat slowly snuck up the low-hanging branches of a tree as a few of the dogs ran within metres of the predator, who was trying very hard to make himself unseen and unreachable. Fortunately the dogs were fixated on their potential and eventually successful kill, and the leopard, still very alert, exited the area rapidly after the pack had passed by. It was fascinating to see the leopard, listed in the Big Five for a reason, fearful of what I believe are the most efficient and effective killers in the wilderness!


No African specialist can choose just one destination – how lucky we are! Being a South African, I think Kruger offers some of the most plentiful and diverse game viewing. My favourite reserve within this region is the Timbavati – they have great Big Five viewing on a regular basis, and I have personally had amazing experiences with wild dog here (clearly my favourite animal).

The place that makes me feel most connected to the continent is the Okavango Delta. Game rich, the area provides great game viewing, but the landscape and waterways are most attractive to me. Time here can provide as exciting or as relaxing an experience as you choose to have on the day! There is also a lot of interesting game, such as red lechwe, otters that you do not commonly see in other areas, or even sitatunga, a very rare antelope only seen in the Delta.

"Wonderful company, highly recommended. Angela Hannah put together a wonderful safari adventure in Tanzania for us. Everything went without a hitch, accommodations were excellent, staff at the lodges/camps was attentive and kind. Yellow Zebra is top of the line!"
"A fantastic trip all around. Angela helped answer all of our questions and put together an amazing trip. Even when we had a delay which through off part of our schedule - the 24 hour line worked and everything was in order and back on track when we arrived. Would definitely use them again and recommend."
"The trip was so easy to plan with Angela's help! She gave us several mix-and-match options across different price points but it wasn't overwhelming. The entire trip then went seamlessly, from our pick up in Cape Town to leaving our safari lodge, which was so nice to not have to worry about any of that..."

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