Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

  • Super-luxury lodge in the deep south of Lake Manyara National Park
  • One of Tanzania’s two ‘tree’ camps, close to the famous Manyara tree-climbing lion pride
  • Highly priced, but accommodation and service standards to match
  • Not often recommended by us due to our lack of faith in Manyara Park itself
When To Visit Lake Manyara National Park:

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is located in Lake Manyara National Park, northern Tanzania. It is the most luxurious lodge in the park.


There is no denying the quality of this camp, but we rarely use 'Tree Lodge'. This is not due not to the quality of the camp, but to the quality of Lake Manyara itself. Not only do we find the park very busy, but we also prefer to take our clients into other areas of northern Tanzania.


Tree Lodge sits deep in the Park and consequently offers a quieter safari than the vast majority of visitors to Lake Manyara will experience. This, along with the sheer level of luxury on offer, is the main reason to stay at this camp.


The lodge has ten suites, raised up on platforms into the trees. All are supremely luxurious with huge beds, lavish ensuite bathrooms complete with roll-top baths, and large outside decking areas. The communal areas are equally impressive.


  • The downside to this luxury is the cost – Tree Lodge is one of northern Tanzania’s most expensive properties.
  • However, when staying here you have the best chance of seeing Manyara’s famous tree-climbing lions – the pride live nearby.
"The most luxurious lodge in the a very long way! I've always loved Manyara Tree Lodge but tend to use it rarely due to the fact we don't often keep clients at Manyara for longer than one night."

Lake Manyara National Park