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Asilia Africa

Asilia Africa is one of several safari companies whose camps we often include in our clients' itineraries.

Asilia Africa believes that luxury travel can and should go hand in hand with conserving nature and helping the livelihoods of those within the community. As well as offering stunning lodges and camps, Asilia strives to protect and safeguard wildlife, culture and the future of sustainable travel in East Africa, with pioneering tourism projects, high eco standards and strong anti-poaching efforts.

With long-standing roots in managing family-run safari properties, Asilia was certainly founded on passion, and now with over 900 employees and 23 camps, it is one of Africa's leading luxury suppliers. 

The Yellow Zebra View

Asilia Africa, a travel company with several camps across Tanzania, Kenya and Zanzibar. It offers good value luxury accommodation; however, please note that its luxury is not in the same league as companies like &Beyond, Wilderness and Singita). The focus is more on value. Its flagship camp is Sayari, but Olivers is also very popular.

“Yellow Zebra Safaris is a highly experienced safari operator. We have worked with the team since Asilia was founded in 2004 and regard them as one of the true Africa specialists.”
Bas Hochstenbach Co-founder & Commercial Director of Asilia Safaris

Asilia camps that Yellow Zebra recommends: