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Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains is one of several independent safari companies that operate camps where we like to send our clients. They run excellent camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Background information

Great Plains is slightly different to other eco-tourism companies, most of which try to run a successful business while helping conservation at the same time. The first priority of Great Plains Conservation is to help conservation rather than making money. Their aim is to protect the world's wildlife, parks and wilderness that are threatened by the increase of populations and the advent of tourism.

The company was founded by National Geographic photographers, David and Beverley Joubert, and Colin Bell, the ex CEO of Wilderness Safaris. It has set up conservation projects in a number of diverse and threatened habitats in both Africa and around the Indian Ocean.

Yellow Zebra view

Great Plains is a very high-end luxury company, whose camps are of extremely good quality and situated in superb locations. The company is most famous for their Botswana camps but their camps in Kenya and Zimbabwe are also very good. Contenders for some of the best camps anywhere! 

Great Plains camps: