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Zimbabwe in November


November heralds the start of the rains amid green vegetation and safari sights such as newborn eland, impala, and wildebeest, as well as many birds in their beautiful breeding plumage.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 32°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 18°C
  • Average rainfall = 64mm
  • Average daylight = 13 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Zimbabwe in November?

  • Days are generally dry and hot, but short and heavy rain showers are likely in the afternoons
  • November is the beginning of the summer or wet season – and it often sees the first rains, which can break the humidity
  • Temperatures often fluctuate
  • It’s unpredictable, so YZ recommends taking a waterproof on every game drive

What are the highlights of visiting Zimbabwe in November?

  • As it’s low season, there’s good availability of camps, lodges, and hotels
  • Rates are relatively low
  • The first rains make for greener scenery and thicker vegetation
  • Many animals give birth in the wet season – this is one of the best months to see newborn eland, impala, and wildebeest
  • A lot of bird species are in their breeding plumage – a spectacular sight
  • The rains produce the first mass insect hatching, which results in the arrival of migrant birds including carmine-bee eaters, steppe eagles, and waterfowl such as the knob-billed duck
  • Low water levels at Victoria Falls result in Devil’s Pool being inaccessible this month. However it’s a great for activities such as white water rafting

Any lowlights?

  • Mana Pools closes mid-November
  • Humidity is high, so you might feel uncomfortably hot
  • The weather is unpredictable, and the rain can go on for days
  • Wildlife can be more difficult to spot – the vegetation is thicker and animals no longer need to rely on waterholes
  • November is not the best time to visit Victoria Falls, as the Zambezi River is at its lowest water level

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