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Zimbabwe in March


March sees a lessening of rainfall, although it remains wet so landscapes are lush – and all herds of herbivores contain plenty of calves.

  • Day time maximum temperature = 30°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 15°C
  • Average rainfall = 99mm
  • Average daylight = 11 hours

What’s the weather going to be like in Zimbabwe in March

  • Days are warm, with rain common in the afternoons
  • March is the end of the rainy season
  • Night time temperatures start to drop
  • It’s rainy enough for travellers to pack waterproof clothing, along with some snug layers for night wear

What are the highlights of visiting Zimbabwe in March

  • Rates are low
  • You can look out for small groups of bull elephants
  • Every herbivore herd contains lots of calves
  • The plains are looking beautiful, with lots of green grass and water lilies on every pan
  • This is an excellent time to visit Victoria Falls – you can see the famous spray rainbows and the water is at the perfect level for viewing the gorges
  • There are wonderful opportunities for wildlife photography

Any lowlights?

  • Many camps around the national parks of Mana Pools are closed during the low rainy season
  • The rain can continue for days, which may have a negative impact on your safari

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