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Zimbabwe in December


A green season month, December sees plenty of rain, lush landscapes, brilliant birdlife, and the return of wildebeest and zebra to many of Zimbabwe’s safari areas

  • Day time maximum temperature = 30°C
  • Night time minimum temperature = 18°C
  • Average rainfall = 174mm
  • Average daylight = 13 hours

What's the weather going to be like in Zimbabwe in December?

  • The rain usually comes in short afternoon showers, but it can continue for days
  • December falls near the beginning of the green season
  • Temperatures are relatively warm
  • It’s wet enough for us to highly recommend packing your waterproofs

What are the highlights of visiting Zimbabwe in December?

  • As it’s low season, properties are widely available
  • Prices are cheaper than during peak season months
  • Parks and accommodations are much quieter during the rainy season
  • As the grass grows, wildebeest and zebra return in big numbers
  • A lot of herbivores give birth during the rainy season, as there is plenty of vegetation to provide for their young
  • As the rains increase, amphibians come out of hibernation and spawn, which creates a sudden increase in the number of birds – especially as many migratory birds return
  • The scenery is lush and green – and exotic red fireball lilies spring up across the landscape
  • There are fantastic photo opportunities at Victoria Falls

Any lowlights?

  • Some lodges in Mana Pools are closed
  • Humidity is high
  • Some travellers might not enjoy the rain when it goes on for days
  • The thick vegetation makes wildlife harder to spot
  • Heavy rainfall can make some of the roads impassable, disrupting safari activities

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