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Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe

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Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe


January signals the middle of wet season, this month is all about the rain – but the lush landscapes, together with newborn wildebeest and zebra, are breathtakingly beautiful.

What’s the weather going to be like in Zimbabwe in January

  • Days are rainy, with thunderstorms common in the afternoons
  • January falls in the middle of Zimbabwe’s wet season, and signals the start of the main rains
  • Temperatures are generally warm, with high humidity
  • It’s wet enough for us to recommend packing your waterproofs
  • Western areas of Zim receive the least amount of rainfall

What are the highlights of visiting Zimbabwe in January

  • January is low season, so it’s a good-value time to visit
  • The wet conditions tend to attract fewer travellers, making for quieter safari areas
  • You can expect to see large herds of wildebeest and zebra with their calves on the open plains
  • This is an excellent time for birdwatching, with various waterfowl and cranes constructing their nests
  • Landscapes are particularly lush during this time
  • January is amazing for white water rafting on the Zambezi river, as the water levels are low and the white water is therefore more dramatic
  • All the greenery, along with newborn calves, is fantastic for keen photographers

Any lowlights?

  • Many camps around Mana Pools National Park are closed
  • The humidity combined with the higher temperatures can give rise to uncomfortably hot conditions
  • Frequent rainfall and thunderstorms may not appeal to all
  • Wildlife viewing is dispersed since there is more vegetation and water therefore animals no longer rely on a small number of waterholes to quench their thirst. We recommend choosing lodges with access to open plains
  • The roads in some places can be a problem

Recommended Safaris to Zimbabwe in January

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