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Our Luxury price category (1st to the 10th November)

Your budget lets you cherry-pick from the best. I’ll suggest a couple of different styles of accommodation – the mobile camps that the Serengeti is so famous for, and the best of the permanent lodges (with swimming pools etc). 

Alex Walker’s Serian Serengeti is the first company to look at. Alex is one of Africa’s most famous guides and his camps Serian Lamai and Serian Serengeti North are nothing short of exceptional. With a team of guides regarded as some of the best in Africa, the big difference here from most camps is the fact that Alex also offers private vehicles as standard throughout his camps. His camps also have some of the best ‘authentic’ food in the country. Alex often hosts in camp (usually Lamai), a rarity in itself. His team have won a number of industry awards. If an adventure is what you are looking for then look no further. 

Lamai Serengeti is one of the best permanent lodges in the Serengeti. This is Nomad’s flagship Serengeti property and one of Africa’s most famous lodges. Located on the highest kopje in the northern part of the park Lamai’s views across the Serengeti are nothing short of exceptional. It’s a big favourite in the office; a place many YZ staff have chosen for their own holidays. 

The final lodge I’d suggest you consider is Singita’s Mara River. Located on a sweeping bend of the river itself, the camp is designed in a lightweight style but is incredibly high quality – a genuinely 5* luxury camp. This is a property that guarantees some of the best food and service of anywhere in the country. Run by Africa’s most luxurious safari brand – Singita – Mara River has high prices but delivers a genuinely a top-quality safari experience. 

Our Luxury price category (10th November onwards)

Serengeti Safari Camp is the first place I’ll mention – the camp to combine with Entamanu. ‘SSC’ was the first-ever mobile and arguably the very best of the mobile camps. Nomad Tanzania run this camp – as with Entamanu at the Crater. The guiding here is superb whilst a high quality, authentic experience is the companies focus. I cannot speak of them highly enough – think adventurous nights under canvas and chats with your guides around campfires under the stars. That’s what safari is all about! I love this property and the five nights for four they offer between their camps makes a usually super expensive company very good value. If you are looking for adventure then look no further. 

Asilia’s Namiri Plains has a wonderfully quiet location away from the busier central parts of the Serengeti. Location is the key here whilst the camp itself is a classy tented property with great guiding and very good walking areas. This is the camp to combine with the Highlands. It’s a great location to catch the herds as they move through this quiet part of the park. 

Finally comes Serengeti Under Canvas, the most luxurious of the mobile camps and a property that caters well to clients wanting a taste of adventure with a few more creature comforts than Serengeti Safari Camp for example. Combining this with Crater Lodge is basically as comfortable as safari gets, but with an adventurous twist in the Serengeti.